Strategic Partners

ukactive works with the Strategic Partner Group to develop the evidence base for physical activity and establish best practice on a range of issues from public health to workforce and skills development.

Research Institute

The ukactive Research Institute aims to build an evidence base for the use of exercise and physical activity programmes in the improvement of quality of life, and the prevention and management of disease.

ukactive Standards

The ukactive Code of Practice is designed to ensure that health and fitness operators maintain a basic level of practice for the safety and wellbeing of their customers.

Become a Member

ukactive works with its members to not only shape the fitness and activity sectors but with a collective vision to get more people more active more often in the UK. Join ukactive in improving the health of the nation.

Latest News

The ukactive communications team is both a source of original news content and respond to regular requests from trade, local and national media publications. It is available to support the preparation of news content relating to active lifestyles and the sector, so as to ensure reporting is accurate and based on the latest available evidence.

We work to protect and promote the work of ukactive and our members through appropriate media engagement, and we work closely with our members, who provide case studies and expert spokespeople on a wide range of topics. The ukactive team uses its network of contacts in the trade, consumer and national media to ensure that the active lifestyle sector has a voice on key issues related to the sector, to provide advice to consumers and to influence decision makers.

We provide a daily news monitoring service for our members and partners, to keep them up to date with all the stories affecting the sector.


Strategic Partners